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We, at Ebor Mobility are Approved Insurance Repair Specialists for Mark Bates Ltd, and have worked with many other insurance providers to provide Fast and worry free repairs. We will aim to provide a FREE Loan product where we reasonably can as part of this process.

We have accounts with all manufacturers, only utilise OEM Original parts as any repair company should and guarantee all work carried out for 12 months.


And of course whilst we have your item in for repair we can give it a full service for 1/2 Price!!! Just ask when you give us a call on 07538095431


From initial contact to quotation and subsequent repair ,we will endeavour to make the repair process as seamless and Quick as we can. In Fact , we work so closely with the insurance companies that the majority of repairs we deal with are Authorised within Minutes. Parts are normally readily available "off the shelf" and Repair completion is normally Days rather than weeks.


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Choosing a Repairer for a Mobility Insurance Claim
Damage, whether it’s cosmetic or mechanical, is going to cost money to repair. When you make a claim, most insurance providers offer to get the damage fixed using one of their approved repairers. But what if you want to choose your own repairer?

Here’s what to consider when choosing a repairer for a car insurance claim.

What’s an ‘approved repairer’?
When you make a mobility insurance claim, you’ll need to agree with your insurance provider on who will repair your damaged vehicle. There are two possibilities:


An approved repairer
An approved repairer is contracted and approved by your insurance provider to carry out repairs on your item in the event of a claim. 

Insurance providers prefer it if you use a repairer approved by them, and may (but not Usually)  impose certain limits and conditions if you don’t. For example, some will only make a loaner available if you use a repairer provided by them. They might also make you pay a sum on top of your agreed excess or refuse to guarantee the work. 


A repairer of your choice
You might decide to go with a repairer of your own choosing. It might be that they offer a high-quality service you’re happy with, or it could be that their location is easier to reach. Or they may just come highly reccomended!

The right to choose your own repairer
Not only are you free to choose your own repairer, it’s your legal right to do so. 

The Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulations is an EU law that gives ANY Vehicle owners the right to freely choose any repairer to repair their vehicle. Under your UK insurance repair rights, you’re not obliged to go with an approved repairer chosen by your insurance provider if you don’t want to.

Pros and cons of choosing your own repairer
There are some advantages and disadvantages to choosing your own repairer.


You get to choose who fixes your product.
Your choice of repairer might be more local to you.

You’ll need to get a written estimate of the repair costs and send it to your insurance provider. The estimate must be approved by your insurance provider in order for you to claim and for work to begin.
An approved repairer might not be a specialist for your particular product.
An approved repairer might not fit original parts – check your policy to see what it says about this.

Many comprehensive insurance policies include a loan vehicle - but typically that’s only if you use an approved repairer.
Some (us) will endeavour to keep you mobile whist your vehicle is being repaired.
If you do decide to choose your own repairer, you’ll still need to get a written estimate of the repair costs and send it to your insurance provider. The estimate must be approved by your insurance provider in order for you to claim and for work to begin.


Regardless of whether you use an approved repairer or one you've chosen, read your policy documents carefully so you understand exactly what terms and conditions apply to repairs.

What happens once your claim’s approved? 

Once the repair costs have been estimated and approved by your insurance provider, you can then have the repair work carried out.

How long it takes for the claim to be approved and paid out depends on various factors,

EG:How quickly you register the claim, provide supporting evidence and agree on a repairer all play a part. After all this the claim is then paid, completed and closed.

If you’re unhappy with repairs carried out by an approved repairer
If you’re not satisfied with the repairs done by an approved repairer, or the way your insurance provider dealt with your claim, you can ask the Financial Ombudsman Service to investigate your complaint.



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